[Brand New Watch] Cartier Calibre de Cartier Watch 42mm W7100037

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The Cartier Calibre Steel and Black Leather Watch W7100037 is a timepiece designed especially for the man who values quality and functionality in a luxury watch. Its steel-backed case and leather strap make this watch not only handsome but also durable. The steel case of the watch is extended beyond the round dial, which increases its stability. 

The dial face is silvered and snailed opaline, adding to the classy and sophisticated design. Seven of the hour markers are Roman numerals, with the 12 o’clock marker significantly larger than the others. 

The strap itself is also an attractive feature of the watch. The alligator stamped leather provides a subtle accent to the design. The strap closure is a deployment clasp, which combines the safety of a metal fastener with the classic look of the buckle closure. This design feature provides added stability and reflects the careful design that is expected from a name like Cartier.

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